Samsung Widescreen – mobile TV and entertainment revolution

Samsung Mobile announced Samsung Widescreen mobile phone in Australia which promises to herald a revolution in mobile phone technology.

Samsung Widescreen is a dual flip action phone. While the phone is enabled with a traditional flip action, the second flip opens the phone sideways revealing a mini-laptop with a QWERTY keyboard. This dual design is perfect for watching TV or surfing the net. It has dual speakers, ensuring stereophonic outputThe mobile phone is enabled with Telstra’s Next G network, and Mobile FOXTEL, some of Australia’s most popular networks. The mobile phone will not only allow consumers to surf 33 channels, it also has the ability to record the favourite programs from the FOXTEL iQ set-top box.

The handset sports a 2.3-inch LCD display QVGA (320 x 240 pixel resolution) LCD with a capablity of 262 K colours. In addition to its mind boggling features for consumers, it has a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and stereo MP3 player.

Consumers in India would like to know when the phone would be launched here. However, the company is tight lipped about the foray of this model into other mobile markets in Asia.