Synthesia unveils AI-powered video communications platform for business

Synthesia has launched ‘Synthesia 2.0,’ a new video communications platform designed for modern workplace communication and collaboration.

Synthesia reports that over 55,000 businesses, including half of the Fortune 100, use their platform to create more than 10 million videos for various purposes, including employee training and marketing, using AI avatars.

With Synthesia 2.0, several new products and features have been introduced:

Personal AI Avatars

Synthesia’s AI avatars have been enhanced for better realism and capability. Last month, they introduced Expressive AI Avatars with their EXPRESS-1 model.

These avatars adapt their tone, expressions, and body language based on the script context. Users can create personal avatars in two ways:

  • Expressive Avatar: Professional quality, shot in a studio.
  • Custom Avatar: Made using a webcam or phone, with improved lip sync, natural voice, and voice replication in over 30 languages.

These avatars will now have personalities and can use full body language, including hand movements. Users can control avatar appearance and animations through images and videos.

AI Video Assistant

The AI Video Assistant helps users overcome writer’s block. By selecting a template, writing a prompt, or uploading a document, users can generate a video draft quickly.

Next month, this feature will incorporate brand elements like typography, colors, and logos for consistent video branding. Additionally, users will soon be able to create multiple videos from a knowledge center link, transforming articles into videos.

AI Screen Recorder

Synthesia simplifies video editing by replacing traditional timelines with script-based triggers. Most users create their first video in under 10 minutes without prior experience.

The upcoming AI Screen Recorder will streamline screen recording. After recording, the video will be ready for editing with synchronized voiceover and automatic zoom effects. Users can trim the video, edit the script, and add avatars and voices for a polished finish.

Translations and New Video Player

Synthesia enables one-click translations into over 120 languages and is introducing an updated translation experience where changes made to the original video reflect across all language versions automatically.

A new interactive video player will support language-specific playback and interactive features like quizzes and personalized call-to-actions.

AI Safety and Certification

Synthesia emphasizes responsible AI usage, integrating AI safety measures into their products. They are pursuing ISO/IEC 42001 certification, a global standard for AI management, ensuring ethical and legal compliance from the outset.


Synthesia 2.0 will be available soon, with the company eager for users to explore its new capabilities.