Google Pixel Camera v9.4 update brings Pro Lens selection, improved HDR+ and more

Google has started rolling out a new update for Pixel cameras, version 9.4, bringing several enhancements to selected devices such as Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Fold.

This update, reported by 9to5Google, introduces notable features and improvements.

Features of Pixel Camera 9.4 Update

Pro Lens Selection: Users can now manually select a lens—Ultra-Wide (UW), Wide (W), or Telephoto (T)—on Pixel 6/7 Pro and Pixel Fold devices.

This feature provides clarity and control over which lens to use for capturing photos. The new lens selection is accessible within the “Pro” tab next to the existing “General” tab in the camera interface.

HDR+ Improved Frame Selection: The update enhances HDR+ by automatically selecting the best frame from a burst of photos, ensuring better results with subjects having open eyes and smiles.

Changes to RAW/JPEG Picker: The RAW/JPEG photo settings are now integrated into the Pro tab under Settings > Advanced, making it easier to switch between formats. Notably, resolution preferences, as seen in previous Pixel models, are absent in this update.


The new version, Pixel Camera v9.4.103.641377609.23, is gradually rolling out via the Play Store.

However, simply updating to this version won’t immediately enable the new features. Users may need to wait for the June Pixel Feature Drop or server-side updates from Google to access all improvements.