VLC for Android reaches Pre-Alpha stage [Download]

I am sure that almost everyone has heard about VLC media player, it is a cross-platform media player, which is now available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and now the application for Android has entered Pre-Alpha stage.

VLC supports almost every video format out there, you can play both video and audio files, VLC automatically detects and shows the media files present on your SDcard. It is already available on app store for iOS, but was in development stage from a long time for Android, and now finally an alpha build is available for download, this build is not very stable and is buggy, also eats up lot of battery.

There are two version of VLC available right now, Neon and non-neon, the neon version can only be used in neon based processors, you can check that by finding a file called cpuinfo inside the folder proc, use root explorer to find this file, one the file is found, search for neon inside the file, if there is neon then your processor supports neon, if it is not there then you can download the non-neon version.

We will do a full review of the app once it officially launches.

Download Neon from here

Download non-neon from here