Google’s next foldable could be called as Pixel 9 Pro Fold: Report

Google is preparing to launch a new foldable phone, tentatively named ‘Pixel 9 Pro Fold’, expected to be the next foldable in line, rather than the previously anticipated ‘Fold 2’.

According to details obtained by Android Authority, Google has reorganized its naming strategy for the late 2024 Pixel devices:

  • Pixel 9 – codenamed “tokay”
  • Pixel 9 Pro – codenamed “caiman”
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL – codenamed “komodo”
  • Pixel 9 Pro Fold – codenamed “comet”

These names have been validated by certain software designed for Google’s 2024 devices. Previously, Google referred to the device codenamed “comet” as the “Pixel Fold 2”. However, it’s noted that the name “Pixel 9 Pro Fold” might not be final, according to the report.

If Google proceeds with this naming convention and integrates the next foldable into the Pixel 9 series, it would represent a significant departure from the first-generation Pixel Fold.

Integration of Foldables into the Pixel Family

Integrating the next foldable into the Pixel 9 series would mark a notable shift from the first Pixel Fold, which disappointed users upon its release in 2023.

Google’s potential inclusion of the new foldable in its flagship lineup, along with a new Tensor G4 chip, aims to rectify the issues faced by the original Pixel Fold. Leaked images suggest a design more in line with other Pixel 9 devices.

This strategy would set Google apart as the sole manufacturer integrating foldable phones into its primary product range, rather than treating them as a separate category. This shift could position the foldable as a core offering in the Pixel lineup, rather than a niche and pricey alternative.

Launch date?

If all goes according to plan, Google could announce four smartphones in October: the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and Pixel 9 Pro Fold, with all of these devices are anticipated to feature the upcoming Tensor G4 SoC.

While the switch from Pixel Fold 2 to Pixel 9 Pro Fold has happened recently in internal communications, the report cautioned that details could change before the release.

More information is likely to surface as the launch date approaches later this year.