Apple explores home ‘Robotics’ for future innovation: Report

Apple is exploring the field of personal robotics, aiming to potentially introduce new products in the future as its ‘Next Big Thing,’ according to reports by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg.

Apple explores Home Robotics as ‘Next Big Thing’

Apple’s engineers are developing a mobile robot that can follow users at home, and they are also working on a tabletop device that uses robotics to move its display.

By delving into robotics, Apple could expand its presence in consumers’ homes and leverage advancements in artificial intelligence. However, the specific approach Apple might take remains unclear.

While the robotic smart display is more advanced than the mobile bot, its inclusion in Apple’s product roadmap has fluctuated over the years.

The robotics research is being conducted within Apple’s hardware engineering division and AI/machine-learning group, overseen by executives Matt Costello and Brian Lynch.

The project is still in its early stages, and Apple is seeking new revenue sources, having recently abandoned an electric vehicle project, and their venture into mixed-reality goggles (Vision Pro) is expected to take time to generate significant profits.

Apple’s table-top robotics project

The idea of a table-top robotics project intrigued senior Apple executives initially, aiming to replicate a person’s head movements during FaceTime calls. However, concerns about consumer demand and technical challenges have stalled progress.

Apple executives have debated the feasibility of such a device. Moreover, Apple is exploring AI algorithms to enable robots to navigate cluttered spaces within homes.

While the concept of robots handling chores like dishwashing is on Apple’s radar, the engineering challenges make it unlikely in the near future. Apple’s potential home robot could rival Amazon’s Astro, offering mobile virtual assistance and home security.

Overall, Apple’s robotics projects are in the early research phase, and it’s uncertain if they will ever reach the market.