Google Pixel Feature Drop: Improved Call Screen, Health features for Pixel Watch and more

Google has started the rollout of its latest March 2024 Feature Drop update today. This update brings enhancements to various devices, including Pixel phones, the first-gen Pixel Watch, and Pixel Tablets.

Updates for Pixel Phones

Improved Call Screen Functionality: Call Screen now has added features, including the ability to start a call when the caller is silent. Users will see a “hello” chip when a caller is unresponsive.

By tapping the button, Google Assistant prompts the caller to speak, allowing users to understand their intentions. If users can’t answer immediately, Google Assistant informs the caller to wait longer.

Enhanced Media Sharing: Pixel phones can now capture and share vivid 10-bit HDR videos directly on Instagram Reels, along with uploading Ultra HDR photos on Instagram feed.

Expanded Circle to Search Feature: The Circle to Search feature, previously available on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, will extend to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Users can access information without switching apps by long-pressing the Pixel home button or navigation bar and interacting with images, text, or videos.

New Features for First-Gen Pixel Watch

Advanced Workout Tracking: First-gen Pixel Watch now includes Pace Training and Heart Zone Training features to monitor pace goals, heart rate zones, and exercise targets. Additionally, it offers auto-start and auto-stop functionality for workouts.

Fitbit Relax App Integration: Users can now access the Fitbit Relax app on the first-gen Pixel Watch for guided breathing exercises.

Google Maps Integration: Google Maps on Wear OS provides public transit directions on the Pixel Watch, including transit options, real-time departure times, and a compass-enabled map view.

Pixel Tablets and More

Selective App Screen Sharing: Users can now share specific apps instead of the entire screen during video calls on Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, or newer Pixel phones.

Simplified Device Pairing: A streamlined process is introduced to quickly pair previously used devices with your account.

Google Docs Markups: Users can add handwritten annotations to documents using finger or stylus directly from their Pixel devices, facilitating easy feedback.

Improved Toolbar: The Gboard voice toolbar on Pixel Tablet minimizes the keyboard into a toolbar when voice input is activated, optimizing screen space.


These updates will roll out to all supported Pixel devices running Android 14, starting today, and U.S. Carrier software will follow next week. The rollout will proceed over the next week in phases, depending on carrier and device.