Telegram update brings Saved Messages 2.0, One-Time Voice Messages and more

Telegram has introduced several new features in its latest update, including enhancements to Saved Messages, one-time voice and video messages, detailed read receipts, and more.

Saved Messages 2.0

Telegram’s Saved Messages, previously used for notes and forwarded messages, has been upgraded. It now serves as a robust storage system for links, media, and bookmarks.

Users can organize saved messages by chat, use tags for better categorization, and access them conveniently through the new ‘Saved’ tab in Shared Media.

View Saved Messages by Chat

A new ‘View as Chats’ mode allows users to see a list of private chats, groups, and channels from which messages have been forwarded. This feature provides easy access, and users can pin preferred chats to the top.

Tags for Saved Messages

To enhance organization, multiple tags based on emojis can be added to Saved Messages. Premium users can use tags, making it simpler to filter and search for specific messages.

Saved Messages in Shared Media

Chats, groups, and channels now have a ‘Saved’ tab in the Shared Media section, making it effortless to access messages forwarded to Saved Messages from a particular chat.

Upgraded Search

Search functionality in all chats has been improved, making it easier to navigate search results and view them as a compact list.

One-Time Voice and Video Messages

A View-Once setting is now available for voice and video messages, allowing them to be played only once before automatic deletion.

Pause and Resume Recording

Users can now pause and resume recording voice or video messages, eliminating the need to send multiple messages.

Read Time in Private Chats

In 1-on-1 chats, users can now see the exact time when their messages were opened. Read times have privacy settings based on Last Seen status and are visible for 7 days before deletion.

One-Way Last Seen and Read Times

Telegram Premium users can hide their last seen and read times while still viewing those of others. This feature is customizable and allows for greater privacy control.

Private Message Permissions

Premium users can choose who can send them messages, selecting from ‘Everyone’ or ‘My Contacts and Premium Users.’

This feature restricts chats from users who aren’t contacts or Premium members unless the Premium user initiates the conversation.

Faster Loading Time and High-Quality Stories

Video stories now load four times faster, and Premium users can view them in higher quality. All users can control playback speed in video stories.

New Design for Shared Contacts

Messages with shared contacts now display better, reflecting the chosen color and emoji icons in Appearance Settings.

Improved Video Messages on iOS

Video message recording on iOS has been enhanced for clearer quality, quicker camera switching, and reduced camera shake.

App Icons on macOS

Telegram for macOS now allows users to choose from 15 icons to customize their app’s appearance in the dock. This can be done in Settings > Appearance > App Icon.


The update is now available on Android (Google Play or Telegram’s website) and iOS (App Store), advancing Telegram for Android to version 10.6.3 or later.