Google Photos gets AI-powered Photo Stacks

Google Photos is set to receive innovative AI-driven functionalities, enabling the grouping of similar photos and the intelligent organization of screenshots and documents into convenient albums for easy retrieval.

Declutter Your Gallery with Photo Stacks

The new Photo Stacks is an AI-powered feature that identifies and groups similar photos taken in close succession. With a third of most galleries consisting of similar photos, Photo Stacks aims to declutter by selecting the top pick that captures the essence of each moment. Users have the flexibility to customize stacks, choose their preferred top pick, or disable the feature as per their preference.

Effortless Management of Screenshots and Document

Google Photos now utilizes AI to intelligently categorize screenshots and documents into dedicated albums such as ID, receipts, and event information. This thoughtful organization ensures that important documents are easily accessible without the need to sift through the entire gallery.

Additionally, users can set reminders directly from screenshots, turning a picture of a ticket or event flyer into a calendar reminder. The option to automatically archive screenshots and documents after 30 days is also available, streamlining the main gallery while maintaining accessibility through dedicated albums.

These updates, including Photo Stacks and enhanced screenshot/document management, are being rolled out to Google Photos on Android and iOS platforms.