Google Generative AI in Search gets image creation tool and more

Google announced that they are exploring innovative ways to enhance your search experience. This includes the ability to generate images to visualize your ideas and receive assistance with drafting written content.

Create Images with AI

Now, Google lets you create images with its new AI-powered Search experience. For example, if you want to make a card with a capybara wearing a chef’s hat cooking breakfast, you can search for it, and Google’s AI will provide up to four generated images.

You can also edit the description to customize the image to your liking. For those using this experiment, there’s an option to create AI-generated images directly in Google Images when searching for inspiration.

About this Image Tool

Google will soon introduce an “About this image” tool to help users assess the context and credibility of images.

Google is committed to using AI responsibly. They are implementing safeguards to prevent the creation of harmful or misleading images. Every AI-generated image will have metadata and watermarking to indicate it was created by AI.

Written Drafts with SGE

You can create written drafts with SGE to make your text shorter or change its tone. This feature is helpful when drafting notes, emails, or documents. Google Workspace privacy protections are maintained when exporting drafts to Google Docs or Gmail.


The image generation feature is available in English in the U.S. for those 18 years and older who have opted into the SGE experiment. Written drafts are rolling out in English in the U.S. for SGE experiment participants.

Announcing the updates, Hema Budaraju, Senior Director, Product Management, Search, said:

We are confident that generative AI in Search can ignite creativity and boost productivity. We eagerly anticipate ongoing testing and receiving valuable user feedback.