Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics starts rolling out globally

Intel has made its Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics available globally through its partners. This product is designed for gamers and creators, offering strong gaming performance at 1080p high settings, smooth gameplay for esports titles, and various media features.

Intel Arc A580 graphics is a competitive choice for mainstream gamers and creators. It brings modern Arc GPU family features at a reasonable price. It enhances the gaming experience with Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) and ray tracing, offering better performance and realistic visuals.

With a memory bandwidth of 512 gigabytes per second (more than double the competition), Intel Arc A580-based add-in cards smoothly handle modern games. They also support media tasks like AV1 encoding and decoding, allowing creators to use their preferred codecs.

Additionally, these cards feature Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel XMX) AI engines, supporting Intel XeSS upscaling technology and other AI workloads like generative tasks with models such as Stable Diffusion.

Pricing and availability

From October 10, 2023, Intel Arc A580 based add-in cards are available from ASRock, GUNNIR, and Sparkle, starting at USD 179 (Rs. 14,889 approx.).

Announcing the availability, Intel posted:

The Intel Arc A580 graphics are equipped with cutting-edge features such as the AI-powered Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) and hardware-driven ray tracing, all designed to enhance gaming performance and provide stunningly realistic visuals.