FIFINE K726 Cardioid Microphone and AmpliSound SC1 Streaming Mixer launched in India

FIFINE has introduced its latest audio equipment for content creators in India – the K726 Cardioid Condenser Microphone and the AmpliSound SC1 Streaming Mixer with XLR Interface.

FIFINE K726 Cardioid Microphone

The K726 Cardioid Microphone is designed to capture audio effectively from one direction while reducing background noise. Its metal body houses a 25mm large diaphragm for clear sound with minimal noise. The shock mount minimizes unintended noise, and the pop filter prevents breath noises.

The XLR Interface enhances audio quality for immersive podcasts, eliminating circuit noise interference and improving audio dynamics. The built-in features, like the double-layer pop filter and dynamic core, reduce noise and enhance audio quality across a wide frequency range (20Hz-20kHz), making it suitable for podcasters, streamers, and content creators.

Quick specifications: FIFINE K726 – XLR Condenser Microphone
  • 3-layer wrap-around shock mount
  • Multi-purpose Microphone
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Low Noise with High Sensitivity
  • Active Noise Reduction
  • XLR to 1/4″ Cable include
  • Double Filter
  • Dimenstions: ‎18 x 10 x 18 cm; Weight: 500 Grams
  • Color: Black
FIFINE AmpliSound SC1 Streaming Mixer

The AmpliSound SC1 Streaming Mixer complements your XLR setup for live-streaming. It features LED indicators to monitor sound quality, with green for normal, yellow for low distortion, and red for high distortion.

This mixer allows precise control over four independent channels: MICROPHONE/LINE IN, HEADPHONE, Line out, and InSt. You can record and playback various monitor sources on a computer or laptop and monitor audio with headphones or speakers.

The SC1 provides 48V Phantom Power, compatible with both condenser and dynamic microphones. It simplifies live streams and recordings with its direct monitoring feature, mute option, and the ability to switch between microphone-only and microphone-instrument recording with a single button press.

Quick specifications: FIFINE AmpliSound SC1 – Streaming Mixer
  • Multipurpose mixer
  • Built-in Microphone and Preamplifier
  • XLR & 6/35mm Jack with 48V Phantom Power
  • Volume Gain Level Indicator
  • Direct Monitor (for Laptop sound and Mic sound)
  • Dual Recording mode
  • Theft protection
Pricing and availability
  • FIFINE K726 Cardioid Condenser Microphone: Rs. 4,850 on, Rs. 4,590 on the company’s website.
  • FIFINE AmpliSound SC1 Streaming Mixer: Rs. 3,990 on, Rs. 3,790 on the company’s website.

Both products are now available across retailers and online.