Gmail for Android and iOS gets native Translation

Google has announced that the Gmail app for mobile devices now supports native email translation. This feature, previously available on the web version, is being introduced to both Android and iOS platforms.

Upon detecting emails in languages other than your chosen one, a translation banner will appear at the email’s top.

How does it work?

If you receive an email in a language different from your default, such as Korean when your language is set to English, a “Translate to English” banner will allow you to instantly translate the content.

Subsequently, you can choose to view the original text or set Gmail to automatically translate that language for you in the future.

Users have the choice to dismiss the translation banner, although it may reappear for emails in different languages unless you choose to “never translate [language]” after dismissing it. The option to set up translation conditions is also provided. You can opt to always or never translate specific languages from the settings.

To access the translation feature, users can utilize the three-dot menu at the bottom of an email if the banner doesn’t appear. This ensures that the translation option remains available, even if you’ve decided not to translate a particular language.

Availability and rollout schedule

The native Gmail translation feature is currently being rolled out for Android devices, effective immediately. For iOS users, this feature will be accessible starting from August 21, 2023. It will be accessible for all Google Workspace customers and individuals using personal Google Accounts.

Announcing its availability, Google said that:

For years, our users have been able to easily translate emails in Gmail on the web into over 100 languages. Today, we are thrilled to announce the integration of native translation within the Gmail mobile app, allowing for seamless communication in a wide range of languages.