Facebook gets new Video tab, improved video editing and more

Meta has announced its latest updates for video creation, exploration, and engagement on Facebook. According to the company, video has been a core feature of Facebook since as early as 2007 when short videos could be posted to the Feed. The company says that it is heavily invested in video on Facebook.

Simplified Video Editing

Now, Facebook has introduced improved video editing tools, aiming to make video creation more accessible and dynamic. These include:

Seamless Editing: Meta has integrated audio, music, and text editing capabilities into Reels, allowing users to effortlessly layer and time creative elements for the perfect reel. This feature is also available on Meta Business Suite for both Reels and video content on the Feed.

Expanded Clip Editing Tools: Users can now exercise creativity by adjusting the speed, reversing, or replacing clips in their videos.

Enhanced Audio: With the ability to explore and add music, audio clips, and voiceovers, users can mix the right sounds into their videos, ensuring a captivating audio experience while reducing unwanted noise.

HDR Video Upload: Users can now upload HDR videos directly from their smartphones to Reels, ensuring high-quality playback in full HDR.

Unified Video Experience on Facebook

Facebook aims to streamline the video viewing experience on Facebook, bringing together various video formats for easy exploration and engagement. The former Facebook Watch has been rebranded as the Video tab, serving as the comprehensive hub for all video content on Facebook.

This unified platform features a personalized vertical feed, recommending a wide range of video content, including Reels, long-form videos, and Live content. Additionally, the Video tab introduces new horizontal-scroll reels sections, enabling quick access to short-form video content.

The Video tab will soon become a dedicated tab in the shortcut bar, accessible at the bottom of the app on iOS and the top on Android. The shortcuts in the bar adapt based on users’ most frequently accessed features.

Discover and Explore Videos

To enhance video discovery, Facebook has redesigned the Explore feature, allowing users to delve deeper into popular video topics. By tapping the search icon in the Video tab, users can access Explore, which presents a curated collection of reels, long-form videos, and live videos related to relevant topics and hashtags.

Combining human curation with machine learning, Meta selects and showcases popular videos that align with users’ interests, providing an enjoyable and engaging video discovery experience.

Seamlessly Engage with Instagram Reels

Facebook acknowledges the impact of allowing Instagram Reels to be viewed on Facebook, extending the reach of Instagram creators to a broader audience, even for those without an active Facebook profile. This integration brings together the best of Instagram and Facebook Reels in one place.

Users can now watch Instagram Reels on Facebook and leave comments without switching between apps. By linking their Facebook and Instagram accounts through the Accounts Center, users can effortlessly connect with their preferred content and communities across platforms.

Announcing the updates, Facebook shared:

This is just the beginning. We are committed to developing more tools for creators to express themselves, build an audience, and earn money. Additionally, we are working on discovery and personalization features that give users more control over their experience.