OPPO launches ColorOS 13 globally — Eligible devices, roll out schedule

Today, OPPO officially made its most recent Android-based operating system, ColorOS 13, available to users worldwide. ColorOS 13 is based on the recently launched Android 13 and introduces a brand-new Aquamorphic Design for a smooth and comfortable visual experience and a user-friendly UI. It also encompasses a number of essential Android 13 features.

Aquamorphic Design: Concise and comfortable UI

OPPO’s new Aquamorphic Design creates a fluid, bright, and inclusive UI for ColorOS 13. ColorOS 13 has a new Theme Palette inspired by sunrise and sunset at sea level, and a revamped system font increases readability in any language. ColorOS 13’s Aquamorphic Design, along with its card-styled layout, gives a concise and enjoyable visual experience.

Quantum Animation Engine

ColorOS 13 provides a more intuitive user experience by integrating Aquamorphic Effects into system animations, UI, and the Quantum Animation Engine with new Behavioral Prediction on users’ control intentions. Empty State Illustrations, Adaptive Layouts for varied screen sizes, and highly recognizable icons boost readability and simplicity of use.

Always-On Display: Homeland

New Always-On Display animations called “Homeland” depict wild animals in nature. Always-On Display animations show how animals’ dwellings vary based on daily temperature fluctuations to draw attention to climate change and the environment we share.

Dynamic Computing Engine

ColorOS 13 introduces the Dynamic Computing Engine, which improves battery life and allows for more background apps. The Dynamic Computing Engine from OPPO finds a good balance between high performance and low power use to make the battery last longer. It keeps more apps alive in the background, allowing you to switch between them without losing status or suffering slowdown.

Smart Always-On Display

In ColorOS 13, the Smart Always-On Display can now show information from music apps and food delivery apps. This gives people faster access to information and more control over how music plays and other tasks. OPPO teamed up with Bitmoji and Spotify to offer convenient and personalized experiences on the Smart Always-On Display. Based on OPPO’s leading-edge LTPO2.0 technology, the refresh rate of the Always-On Display is lowered to 1 hertz to save 30% of power in some situations.

Smart home screen management

Other smart home screen management features like large folders, shelves, and home screen widgets enable users to instantly access needed information.

Meeting Assistant

Meeting Assistant can prioritize wireless data packages to improve online meeting connections. It streamlines banner notifications to reduce distractions and lets users add an OPPO Notes shortcut to take meeting minutes in a small pop-up window.

Multi-screen Connect

Multi-screen Connect offers seamless connectivity between your smartphone and the OPPO Pad Air, and between your smartphone and a PC. File Transfer supports additional file formats without hardware constraints, enhancing productivity and ease. Multi-screen Connect lets smartphone users show various mobile apps on a PC.

Privacy and security protection

ColorOS 13 incorporates Android 13’s privacy features. The system deletes clipboard history after a short time to prevent malware-caused leaks. With Nearby Wi-Fi 6, users can access Wi-Fi without exposing their location.
OPPO’s proprietary technology strengthens privacy and security.

Based on an on-device algorithm model, Auto Pixelate can blur away profile photographs and names in conversation screenshots with one tap, and the new Private Safe is encrypted with AES for high security. ColorOS 13 delivers privacy and safety based on ePrivacy, TRUSTe, ISO27701, and ISO27001.

Strategic collaboration with Google

OPPO and Google worked extensively on ColorOS 13 to improve the Android OS experience. The OPPO Find N smartphone, which can be folded in half, and the Find X5 Pro were among the first to get Android 13 Beta. OPPO has released developer versions of ColorOS that are based on Android 13 Beta, and it will work with Google to build a strong Android ecosystem.

ColorOS 13 rollout plan

OPPO aims to upgrade 35 smartphone models with ColorOS 13 this year, reaching 160 million consumers in 60 countries and regions. The Find X5 Pro and Find X5 devices will get the ColorOS 13 beta update starting today. OPPO will launch ColorOS 13 to 20 more devices in 2023.

Here is the India-specific roll out schedule

How to Apply to ColorOS 13 beta

To apply for the ColorOS 13 beta on eligible devices, Go to settings > About device > Tap the icon on the top right > “Trial version” Fill in the required information and Apply. Once your application is verified and approved, you will be getting a ColorOS 13 beta update within a couple of days or more depending on the region, availability, etc.

OPPO continues to say ColorOS 13 is the biggest update ever. OPPO continues to say ColorOS 13 is the biggest update ever. To learn more about the ColorOS 13 and its features, click here.