Telegram update brings New Interactive Emoji, Privacy features, and more

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has received an update that brings new interactive custom emojis, a redesigned emoji panel, a new privacy option for premium users, and other improvements. Let’s take a closer look at the changes that this new update has brought to the platform.

New Interactive Emojis, Emoji Panel Redesign, and More:

Telegram Premium users can now upload custom packs with unique art styles and characters created by anyone. These packs require Telegram’s unique .TGS format for video stickers and .WEBM format for emojis.

In addition, the newly redesigned emoji panel allows you to quickly browse your emoji packs and add new ones. Please keep in mind that any animated emoji can now be seen by all users, Premium or not. Everyone can also use all of the custom emoji in their Saved Messages chat for free to test them out—or to add flair to notes and reminders.

When sent in 1-on-1 chats, Telegram has made many popular custom emoji interactive—any user can tap to play synchronized, full-screen effects. Furthermore, the company has added interactive emoji with full-screen effects for message reactions.

The sticker panel on iOS now has separate tabs for stickers, GIFs, and emoji, just like on the Android, desktop, and web apps.

New Privacy Feature for Telegram Premium Users:

Premium users now have the option to control who can send them voice and video messages, such as everyone, my contacts, or nobody. This is a positive step, as the number of spam messages on the platform grows by the day. This, like other privacy settings, allows you to specify specific people or groups of users who can never or always send you voice messages.

Telegram Premium Gifting:

If you already have Telegram Premium, you can now share the experience with friends, family, and co-workers by sending them a discounted prepaid subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months. The ‘Gift Premium’ button will appear in the profile of the user you wish to gift. A Gifted subscription will show up in your chat with that user right away as a special message with an animated gift box.