Google Search results on mobile now supports continuous scrolling [Update: Now rolling out for the desktop]

Update: Google is now rolling out the continuous scrolling feature for the desktop users starting from the U.S. in English. It shows up to six pages of results as you scroll.

Google Search on mobile is now receiving an update that introduces continuous scrolling for search results. The feature is designed to make search results more seamless and intuitive, allowing users to see more results past the first page for their search queries

Previously on mobile, when searching for a query on Google, the app used to show one set of results on a page as a time. While this is fine if you get what you needed from the first page, there were times when you wanted to look further into the results and for that you would need to click to the next page of results.

With the new update, Google will load the next page of results automatically when you reach the end of the current set of results. The process will be seamless, allowing you to search through more results before needing to click the “See more” button.

The feature is gradually rolling out to for most English searches on mobile in the U.S. starting today, and should roll out to more countries soon.