YouTube making changes to ‘Autoplay on Home’ feature with audio, captions and progress bar

The YouTube app has been seeing changes lately, with new features like the ‘Shorts’ tab replacing the ‘Explore’ tab. Similarly, Google is experimenting with the ‘Autoplay on Home’ feature on the YouTube app with some users.

‘Autoplay on Home’ feature on the YouTube app lets users preview videos on the home screen without audio while they scroll through their timeline. After introducing this feature to all users back in 2018, YouTube is now making changes to it. Users will soon be able to preview videos on the go with audio and can turn on captions right from the home screen. Further, the new change will include a progress bar as well that allows users to scrub through the video.

The top right corner of the video on the home screen will include buttons to turn on audio and captions. With the new feature, users can play a full video from the home screen without even clicking it. While few users have started seeing the change on their YouTube app, a wide rollout is expected soon.