Google News Full Coverage feature now available in Google Search

When Google introduced the redesign of Google News back in 2018, they introduced a new feature in it called Full Coverage. That feature has received an update with the ability to detect long-running news stories and is now being integrated into the Google Search app.

Full Coverage has been one of the many highlight features of the Google News app. Now, Google is bringing the feature to the Search app, where it will appear as a “More news on…” button below the carousel of Search results when a user searches for a news topic.

The idea behind Full Coverage is to provide users with a collection of top news, in-depth pieces, explainers, interviews and more on a story that was developing at that moment. As mentioned earlier, Google is updating the technology to be able to detect long-running news stories that can span over days, such as the Super Bowl, to many weeks or even months like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full Coverage in Google Search is rolling out first to users in the USA, starting with support for English. The feature will later roll out to more regions and support more languages.