Google Assistant update brings better voice training and sensitivity toggle

The Google Assistant has been steadily improving voice recognition capabilities over the years. They introduced voice training when setting up the Google Assistant and now they have improved the training by including longer phrases to be said by the user. Along with this, Google is also adding a toggle to the voice assistants settings to control the sensitivity of triggering the assistant via voice.

Previously when setting up the assistant for hotword detection, Google will prompt the user to say the phrase, “OK Google” three times. Now, Google will prompt the user to say longer phrases like “Hey Google, play my workout playlist”, etc. Having longer phrases will help the assistant better understand the user and improve voice match accuracy for when there are multiple users in the house.

Another helpful feature that Google is adding to the assistant is the ability to change how sensitive smart speakers and Smart Displays will be for the hotword detection. This will give users the option to tailor their device’s responsiveness based on the environment. The setting will be visible in the Google Home settings in the coming weeks and can be individually set for each device in the house.