Google Maps incognito mode rolls out for iOS, Timeline Bulk delete coming to Android next month

Recently, Google Maps enabled incognito mode for Android which stoped searches or places you navigate to within Maps from being saved to your Google Account. Google is now rolling out this feature for iOS user and will soon roll out bulk delete options of your Timeline for Android by next month.

Incognito mode will work the same on iOS as it does on Android. Using Incognito mode on your phone will not update your Location History, so the places you go won’t be saved to your Timeline. Along with this, the places you search of navigate to will not be saved to your Google account.

For Android users, Google is now going to give the option for bulk deleting items from your Timeline. Timeline was built as a tool that uses your Location History to help you easily remember places and routes you’ve visited. With bulk delete, users can quickly delete multiple places by selecting all of it or part of your Timeline by date range.

Incognito mode for Google Maps is rolling out for iOS right now and Bulk delete for Timeline is rolling out later next month for Android users. You can download Google Maps from the App Store or the Play Store.