Playboy Magazine coming to iPad in March – Uncensored !

A word from the man himself! Hugh Hefner the founder of the famous (i can see that grin on your face) Playboy magazine has tweeted that the Playboy magazine, ie from its very first issue in 1953 to its latest release the complete catalog of Playboy magazine is coming exclusively to the iPad this March.

Hugh Hefner has also promised that  its original form(as seen in magazine) will arrive to the iPad all uncensored.  Previously Apple had banned around 5000 apps from the App store as reported here, its sure a mystery on how Steve approved this. Or there may be some kind of heavy restrictions attached to this too. It would be quit interesting to see how things like updates, rollouts etc.. are going to work around this. But this might just be a summer bonanza to all those Playboy fans with an iPad. May be?

Or the VLC story might repeat, first approve the app and then remove it from the App store again later, very soon.

Source : Engadget