Google’s new Lookout app uses AI to help visually-impaired people identify information about their surroundings

Google, last year announced Look Out, an app to assist people who are blind or have low vision in gaining information about the world around them. As per the recent development, Google has announced that Lookout will finally be available to download only for Pixel devices in the US.

With this app, the company aims to use AI to provide more independence to nearly 253 million people in the world who are blind or visually impaired. It draws upon similar underlying technology as Google Lens, which lets users search and take action on the objects around you, simply by pointing your phone. In fact, the app is designed to work in situations where people might typically have to ask for help like learning about a new space for the first time, reading text and documents, and completing daily routines such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.

Lookout tells you about people, text, objects and much more as you move through space. Once you’ve opened the Lookout app, all you have to do is keep your phone pointed forward.

Google also claims, “As with any new technology, Lookout will not always be 100 percent perfect. Lookout detects items in the scene and takes a best guess at what they are, reporting this to you. We’re very interested in hearing your feedback and learning about times when Lookout works well (and not so well) as we continue to improve the app.”

Further, the company is working to bring Lookout to more devices, countries and platforms soon.