Telegram 5.4 brings autoplaying videos, automatic download settings, multiple accounts for iOS and more

Telegram is gaining a new update which brings a host of new features including auto-playing smaller videos; smaller videos will start playing without sound. To unmute them, simply press the volume buttons on your device. Furthermore, it also gets new auto-download settings to control your data usage.

The telegram also added a quick new way to switch between Low, Medium and High preset for Mobile, Roaming, and Wi-Fi. You can also manually set up automatic downloads by chat type, media type, and file size. The app will remember your choices as the Custom preset in case you need to temporarily switch to Low and back — or the other way around. Telegram will automatically cut down on downloads if you are low on data.

Telegram multiple accounts

The Telegram changes your data usage remotely, based on your feedback and the cost of data in each country. The logout menu now shows several alternative options to log out. it is also bringing the ability to add up to three accounts and easily switch between them without logging out. If you’ve added several accounts, you will receive push notifications for all of them. You can also tap and hold on an account in Settings for a sneak peek of its chats list. Multiple accounts feature was available on Android is now making its way to iOS.