Apple said to have scheduled subscription-services focused event on March 25th


Apple is said to have settled on a date for its first major announcement of 2019, according to to a new report. The news is that the company plans to hold a special event on March 25th at the Steve Jobs Theater on its Apple Park campus. It is possible that Apple might announce the News subscription plan. 

However, it is unlikely that the next-generation AirPods or that rumored new iPad Mini would make an appearance. Sources describe the event as subscription-services focused, but declined to say anything about Apple’s stand-alone video streaming service, which is also rumored to debut in 2019. However, there are also reports that Apple has already informed studios and networks to be prepared for an April launch.

It is not new for Apple to hold events in late March, so an event in March 2019 doesn’t come as a surprise. Sources further reveal that there is a small chance the final date could shift a bit. The company is said to be planning to claim half of the $10 monthly subscription fee, while the other half will be shared among the participating publishers according to how many people read their stories. However, few publishers are not so happy about the terms and they argue are not at all standard for these types of agreements.

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