Facebook Groups gets custom chat rooms with up to 250 members

Facebook Group Chat Rooms

Facebook might just combine Groups and Messenger as the company will gradually roll out the ability for members of Facebook Groups to launch group chats about specific sub-topics where up to 250 members can join.

Group members can also start an audio or video calls with up to 50 members. Chat for Groups could make Facebook’s discussion forums bring more real-time engagement in strengthening the loyalty.

Facebook, instead, of notifying you of every message in every thread, you’ll first get a Facebook Groups notification inviting you to each new group chat you have to voluntarily join to receive further notifications.

In case you miss the initial alert, you can go to the new Chat tab on Facebook Groups to browse the active threads or launch a new one. You can also turn off notifications about message reactions and Messenger games or opt to only be notified if you’re mentioned in the thread.

With Groups Chats, Facebook expects users could “plan events, arrange in-person meetings, or have deeper discussions.”