Google Assistant makeover with bigger visuals, interactive messaging interface, fresh controls and more introduced

Google Assistant

Google today is announcing a new makeover to the Assistant on phones which is aimed at making it even easier to get things done regardless of whether you prefer to use your hands, your voice, or a combination of the two. The new design combines the best of text and talks on your phone, giving you the relevant information right when you need it.

Just ask your Google Assistant for something on your phone, and then you can interact with images, sliders, and buttons to get the help you need.  The new Assistant for Android phone design includes bigger visuals that are easy to glance at quickly, new controls and sliders to manage your smart home devices. Use the dials to adjust your lights to the right brightness, or the sliders to control the volume of your smart speaker.

It also has an interactive messaging interface so you can use your fingers to add a comma, change a word or make any other quick edits as you compose messages. It is now easier to access an overview of your day. Open up the Assistant and swipe up on your screen to get curated information based on the time of day and your recent interactions with the Assistant. Developers and brands now have tools to take full advantage of the phone screen.