Google integrates News with Assistant to make it easily accessible on smart home devices

Google Smart Display

Back at Google I/O, Google launched the new ‘Google News’ to help you keep up with the news that matters to you. To bring you news while your hands and eyes are busy doing some other thing, Google today is bringing the best of Google News to devices with the Google Assistant so that you can stay up to date wherever you are.

Google’s smart Displays with Assistant are finally rolling out in the US, this offers you get more done with a glanceable touchscreen and offer video or audio news briefings to catch you up on headlines, sports, politics, and more. You can choose your preferred news sources from hundreds of national and local broadcasters including CNBC, CNN, Cheddar and more. All you have to do is just ask, “Hey Google, what’s the news?”

The Google Assistant will find relevant videos from YouTube to play on your Smart Display, and on Assistant speakers like Google Home, it will read out excerpts from news articles from a growing list of publishers. All these features are available today on Android phones and will soon be coming to Android Auto and Assistant-enabled headphones. However, they are limited to the US and is planning on expanding it worldwide gradually.