Google app update hints at conventional translation on smart display, categories in top apps and more


Google is rolling out a new update to its Google app and as usual, there’s aren’t any major changes right out of the bat, but there are substantial changed lying beneath. It hints about features like a conventional translation on smart display, categories in top apps, memory Aid Locker and more. 

Google seems to be developing a new feature; currently named “Memory Aid Locker.” However, there are not many details about the feature except for the clues like the name, a placeholder for a settings screen, and a layout that only contains a web view. It could be a new version of ‘Saved pages’ in order to make it earlier to organize information.

Google might soon bring live language translation to the first Assistant-powered smart displays. However, the code of the app just adds details like instructions to start talking, a couple more status messages to show when Assistant is listening and when it has begun translating.

Over the last few versions, there are various bits and pieces appearing relating to a “Top Apps” feature. While there’s were not many details in the previous versions, the new update adds a list of popular app categories. The topics cover the government, news, science, technology, and so on. It also a dedicated category for favorites. You can update the Google app directly on PlayStore or download the APK and sideload it manually.