Dropbox Gmail add-on for sharing and saving files released

DropBox Gmail Ad on

Google and Dropbox today have announced a partnership today and through this partnership, both the companies will see their first-ever product integration which is a DropBox add-on for Gmail. 

With the new Dropbox add-on for Gmail, you will be able to view, store, and share any file without leaving your inbox. As for Dropbox, it will deepen their investment in the G Suite ecosystem, offering a cross-browser, cross-platform and this new add-on will work with any browser, as well as the Gmail app for Android. However, support for iOS will be coming soon.

Users can drop a file or folder to your Dropbox, and anyone can access it without installing special software. The add-on is available on the G Suite Marketplace. You can save received attachments and Dropbox links to your Dropbox now. The ability to share links through a Gmail compose will be coming later this year.  You can install the Gmail Add on from here.