A MicroSIM adapter can convert your iPhone4/ iPad SIM to a normal one !

Do you wish to use your microSIM card which came with your iPhone 4 or iPad 3G with a any other phone ? Is it’s possible ! Do you repent that you cut your SIM card a bit too soon when you got your hands on the iPhone 4 ?  You need to get hold of a MicroSIM adapter.We got a microSIM adapter from buymicrosimadapter.com and managed to use a T-Mobile SIM we cut down for the iPhone 4 on a BlackBerry.

It’s pretty simple and the adapter takes in any SIM card of the microSIM size and converts it to a normal SIM Card.

And in case you want your microSIM card back to use on your iPhone 4 or iPad you can simply take it out easily.

And the best part is that it worked flawlessly. So the next time you carry your microSIM device carrying an adapter in your wallet might be a wise decision.

Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish