Snapchat finally opens its platform to developers with Snap Kit

Snapchat today has finally announced Snap Kit; the company’s developer kit which lets developers build products that integrate within Snapchat features. It is the company’s first big foray into working with outside developers.

The company is also launching sever new software development kits that will let app makers build tools that can be integrated into Snapchat. The company is offering four integration options Creative Kit, Login kit, Bitmoji kit, and Stories kit. The Creative kit will allow apps to integrate their own stickers, Filters, links and more right into the camera. Creative Kit lets Snapchatters bring highlights from other apps — like high scores, workout stats — right into the camera screen.

The Login kit will make it easier for Snapchatters to unlock features and log in faster to other apps, and bring their Bitmoji avatar with them. The Bitmoji Kit lets Snapchatters express themselves with Bitmoji stickers across other apps. Lastly, the Story kit will enable participating apps to embed publicly shared Snapchat Stories on their own websites to showcase to their communities. Apps will also be able to search publicly shared Stories based on location, time, captions, and more.

The company also emphasizes privacy and security and says that it will have a thorough privacy review process to ensure each of these upholds the commitment to treating users’ data with care. Snapchat clarified that it always wants to minimize the amount of information it collects from users. The new Snap Kit allows Snapchatters to share their own Snapchat display name and Bitmoji to log in to other apps. If a Snapchat user hasn’t used an app that they signed into with Snapchat in over 90 days, Snap Kit will automatically disconnect that app. You can check out more and check out Snapkit on

A Snapchat spokesperson said:

As part of our efforts to bring Snapchat into the world, we are excited to launch Snap Kit, our new platform for developers that puts the privacy and security of Snapchat users first.