Instagram is working on ‘time spent’ usage insight tool

Instagram Usage Insights

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has just confirmed that the company is building ‘time spent’ usage insight tool following Google’s Dashboard feature with new time management controls. Incidentally, there is a code present in the Instagram app that reveals “Usage Insights” feature that will show users the “time spent”.


It is not clear if the app would show the total time spent which could be scary to look at if you are constantly on the Instagram app. Furthermore, Instagram is also working on a new commenting interface with a row of quick-add emojis and an @ button for tagging friends. Kevin Systrom in a Tweet has said: “we’re building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional.”


This sounds like the company is trying to potentially reduce the usage and add to the limited time spent in the digital world. While it is an adorable gesture from Instagram to include usage insights feature, it still needs to see how transparent Instagram would be in the coming days when the feature is rolled out. Adopting the upfront nature of letting users know how much time they spend in the digital world playing around with the apps, tech giants are moving towards a change that would help users adopt healthier habits.

Furthermore, the app code further reveals more features like Android notification actions that will let you reply to a comment directly from a notification without opening the Instagram app. A new Instagram commenting interface with an Emoji Bar and an @ button to tag your friends. However, there is no time frame as to when these new changes would be rolling out, so stay tuned.