Google Chrome to get support for casting local files soon

Chrome Casting

Google Chrome casting functionality has the biggest shortcoming; it simply cannot cast local files be it audio or video. It works great for casting online videos, a tab, or even your entire screen, but fails to reciprocate the same with local audio or video file natively. However, Google today announced that it is testing the ability to cast local files directly within the browser.

For now, the feature is only available in Chrome’s beta channel, and the option will show up when you select ‘Cast’ in the browser menu and choosing ‘Cast file’ from the dropdown list. It will then ask you to choose the file, be it audio or video and stream it to any Cast-enabled device. However, the functionality is only available for a small set of users.

There’s still a way to force the experiment on your browser, and it’s fairly straightforward. All you got to do is just enable the ‘features=EnableCastLocalMedia’ switch and restart the browser. However, the process for doing so varies depending on the operating system.