Samsung said to decide on in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note9 soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 8_fonearena-4

In-display fingerprint technology though took sometime are finally making their way. Vivo was the first one to introduce and it looks like Samsung might be finally bringing their flagship Galaxy Note9 with an in-display fingerprint sensor and there are reports that say Samsung will take a call on the same by the end of this month. 

Though there were conflicting reports about the company bringing an in-display fingerprint sensor, the latest report from the Korea Herald claims that Samsung is going to make a final decision on the in-display fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note9 soon. Furthermore, Samsung Display, the division which supplies panels for Samsung devices has said to have prepared three or four solutions to integrate a fingerprint sensor into the display.

The report says that both the Samsung display and Samsung Electronics are really considering the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note9. However, the company isn’t decided and is expected to take the call by the end of this month. Some say that Samsung will introduce the in-display fingerprint sensor in order to differentiate its smartphones from the lot. While there are reports that Samsung will skip the technology for this year and push it to 2019.

With Samsung recently announcing that it doesn’t care about being the first brand in bringing new features on the smartphone, it only makes one think that Samsung will wait until it perfects the working of the in-display fingerprint sensor. We’ll probably hear more about the Galaxy Note9 and its features in the coming months.