Google Assistant now available on iPads


Google bought the Assistant for iPhones last year and today iPads are joining the suite. Assistant on iPads will do things exactly how it does on iPhones. It supports both portrait and landscape modes. 

Because of the API restrictions on iOS, the functionality of Assistant won’t be the same as Android, but it manages to get things done. Assistant on iPads can do things like dimming the lights to setting reminders, cast to your TV by asking the Assistant to “watch the latest news on the living room TV,” make video calls, send text messages, and many more.

Thanks to the multitasking capabilities of iOS, you can use Assistant while playing a game or watching videos. Since it is an Apple product, holding the home button doesn’t revoke Assistant like it does on Android. Google Assistant on iPad is rolling out from today and will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish languages through Apple Store.