Sony MWC 2018 event set for February 26; CEO says still committed to smartphone business

Given the downfall of Sony’s smartphone business it would be no surprise if the company suddenly decides to pull the plug, but interestingly the company recently confirmed its presence at the MWC 2018 event that is scheduled to happen in February.

Though Sony phones were a range back in the day, the firm got pushed away very soon by Apple, Samsung, and other Chinese brands. Given the age-old design of its smartphones, it is no wonder why Sony is struggling. Most of the design blame might be because of the philosophy of Sony president and CEO Hirai. Hirai took the position of CEO just when the WOW factor of Sony phones started phasing out.

He is being credited for turning around the sinking ship, and in addition to his hands-on approach, his principles regarding design or other departments reflected Sony’s culture. He says that his aim is for an emotional response rather than a technical one and not to change the award-winning design every year for the sake of changing it.

Despite the fact that Sony smartphone business is not doing so well, Hira currently has no intentions to let go. Instead, he sees the smartphone business as their ticket in the communications space. Which explains why Sony doesn’t bother how bad the phones fare in the market. Since Sony supplies components, like image sensors, for other smartphone makers, it has no issues until its phones are there in the market.

Sony will be holding a press conference at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona on 26th February, Monday at 8.30AM CET (1PM IST), where it is expected to announce the new Xperia XZ Pro and Xperia XZ2 among other devices.