Twitter to implement new rules to reduce hateful conduct and abusive behavior

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After announcing a new set of rules last month, Twitter today announced that it would start enforcing updates to the Twitter rules with an aim to reduce hateful and abusive content on the platform. The company also said that it is working on a robust appeal system if in case of any wrong conclusions. 

Violence and physical harm don’t go well with Twitter safety policies; the company doesn’t allow specific threats of violence, physical harm, death, or disease to an individual or group of people and today the Twitter has more types of related content added. Accounts of an organization or related that use or promote violence in any way against a group or civilians or engage in such activity will no longer be encouraged. However, this policy does not apply to military or government entities and also to organizations that participate in a peaceful resolution.

Any content that comes out like a celebration of harm or any violent act on a section of people based on their membership in a protected group which may inspire others to replicate will no longer be tolerated, as the company said it would be removing the Tweets and repeated violations will result in permanent suspension. The company has also broadened their rules against abusive behavior, directly attacking people by their group characteristics, as well as engaging in abusive behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another person’s voice and any account that follows such practices will be permanently suspended.

Twitter also said that it would consider hateful imagery as sensitive media and if such representation appears header or profile images, it will accept profile-level reports and make account holders remove any such violating media. The appeal process will evaluate for any wrong actions, and these changes will be iterated in the coming days and weeks.