Google expands featured search snippets to offer more relevant search results

Google Search

Google has always been active in improving their search results and the information it provides. Over the past few weeks, the company has made three new additions expanded Featured Snippets, improved functionality of Knowledge Panels, and suggested content for searches on a particular topic.

Featured Snippets are algorithmically generated highlights on a particular topic available on the web, and now Google has expanded with snippets with more images and related searches inside select Featured Snippets that lets you discover more information that is relevant to your search.

The company has also updated the knowledge panel in search to show more relevant information like for example if you search skiing, you’ll see related searches for other sports like snowboarding directly inside the result.

Another addition to the search is that Google will now show suggestions related to your search query. Google will automatically deduce the related suggestions that you’re researching based on back-to-back searches.