Here’s why WD My Cloud is the best storage solution for a smart family

Technological advances are exponentially increasing. We are currently on the ‘knee of the curve’ at the growth chart, after which, it’s only safe to assume that the technological growth will only be skyrocketing.


Mobility has become one of the most fundamental aspects of technology, thanks to the growing consumption of consumer electronics. So, it’s very important for every individual to have a means for accessing the information he needs regardless of his geographical location or the device he is using.

In addition to Internet access, everyone needs a good syncing solution to make sure you always have your most recent files, photos, movies and other digital content available to you all the time.

Western Digital, a company known for their data storage devices, has a one stop solution – not only for an individual, but for an entire family. WD has come up with a hybrid hard disk that has a host of features that no other similar product offers to solve all your syncing and data storage problems.

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Labelled as My Cloud, this device helps you to centralize all your content across multiple devices under one password-protected place.

WD My Cloud has three major attributes that you can rely on — keeps your content secured and under your control, upload and share contents from anywhere, and huge storage capacity ‘without any subscription and or monthly fees’.

So, you pay once and get the product, you and your family’s data storage worries are mostly sorted for rest of your lives. The reason we say that is because My Cloud is available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB storage option, which is actually a lot of storage space at a very affordable price.

Besides corporate companies and other small business firms, it’s our family who poses a big demand for backup to store all their precious data such as images, videos, documents and much more. Also, It’s safe to consider an individual nowadays have multiple devices including smartphone, tablets, and laptops. And, it’s just way too many gadgets when you consider a family.


With the help of WD’s My Cloud, you can create one place for you and your family to collect and share content, and make sure you won’t miss a thing. If you want to share some content outside your family, you can just send a direct link for as many files to share and they get to access it. Simple stuff. Setting up WD My Cloud is just a child’s play, if you know the basic operations of the computer. That’s how simple WD has made it! When you connect it right off the bat, it is designed in a way to keep you going till you finish the process.

You can access all the information about My Cloud including capacity, cloud devices, shares, and media content on its main dashboard. Once you create an account on My Cloud Drive, you can access the content easily through or My Cloud app without any hassle from your PC or Mac computer, iOS or Android smartphones, tablet and other devices. My Cloud allows you to backup up to 3 computers and with the WD Sync feature you can sync all your personal data with ease.


WD’s My Cloud service keeps a track of users My Cloud drive, and simultaneously updates its IP address to the My Cloud service, so that you can access it at any time via website or app.

With this device, users also get a USB 3.0 port, which can be used to plug in another external hard disk to back up the data on My Cloud. This is a feature for those who would love to have a local backup for their content. But, you should definitely trust cloud! Lastly, we have to talk about its performance, because it’s really impressive! We are happy to report that we are extremely pleased with My Cloud’s performance – what it intends to do, it does a great job in it.

WD My Cloud has a good blend of performance, easy accessibility, management is really simple, and to top it all it has a massive storage capacity. Summing it up, My Cloud is an amazing product, which is really affordable. The storage solution is extremely reliable and is an ideal product for a smart family.

WD My cloud is available at IT retail outlets across India and on Amazon and Flipkart.