HP talks about webOS, webOS 2.0 coming later this year

Head of HP Palm Division Jon Rubinstein, also known as the former Palm CEO, said during an interview with Fortune that WebOS 2.0 is coming out later this year. July is about to end and only 5 months are left in 2011 arrival. May be we will see a new HP device running WebOS 2.0 by the end of this year, probably Pre 2.

Next year, we’ll see an OS war between Android 2.3 (may be), Windows Phone 7, iOS 4, Blackberry OS 6, Symbian^4, MeeGo and WebOS 2.0. That’s going to be a strong war, and we can’t wait for it because we want to see who’s the best and the beast.

HP CEO, Mark Hurd talks about Palm on a German newspaper known as Frankfurter Allgemeine, he said that Palm could move into the background and become a sub-brand, he gives Pavilion as an example. HP Pavilion is a sub brand of HP, and all HP personal computers comes under Pavilion brand. So in future, may be you will see WebOS powered phones with name like Hp Palm or HPP (Hewlett-Packard-Palm).

Mark also says that the reason behind buying Palm is “software”. He mentioned that HP will launch WebOS powered phones, slates, and printers. Mark said that there is a “great relationship” between HP and Microsoft, but he said that we have to promote our very own webOS. It means that later this year, we’ll also see some tablets running webOS.

Lot of good news, please share your thoughts about HP and Palm.