Apple receives patents for stackable magnetic connector

Apple patents smart connector

Apple had introduced a new Smart Connector with the iPad Pro and it looks like it could get an update to support multiple connections at once. 

A new patent No. 9,300,083 was granted to Apple by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which shows a magnetic interface similar to the Smart Connector that can support more than one peripheral at a time by stacking plugs. The patent reads “stackable, magnetically-retained connector interface” designed particularly for “handheld electronics.” It describes a system in which several different plugs could be stacked on one smart connector that is held together by magnets.

Apple patents smart connector-1

As per the patent description, the proposed connector format is designed for extreme adaptability. It can accommodate a wide range of inputs and outputs that go beyond peripherals like the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, which is currently the only Apple device compatible with the Smart Connector. The patent describes how this would allow data, power, and peripherals to be connected to the same “base device” simultaneously. It must be noted that existing MagSafe connectors cannot transfer data.

However, the patent for this Smart Connector Magsafe says that it will be able to transfer both data and power. The multiple stacked connectors could transfer data and power through the Smart Connector port, connected via a magnetic retention force.

Apple originally filed for the patent in September, 2014. It must be noted that companies patent technology from time to time and that does not mean the technology will see light of the day.


Author: Sneha Bokil

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