Adobe to Stop Developing iPhone Apps

Adobe is reportedly stopping the development of Apple iPhone based applications and focusing more on the applications for the Android platform.

Adobe will still ship their iPhone Creative Suite 5 with which developers will be able to build flash based applications and convert them to iPhone applications.

But after Apple changed the language of its developer license agreement to prohibit the use of outside development tools, Adobe won’t be investing anymore in that software.

If Apple’s cross-platform ban is enforced, it will affect many applications built using tools such as Unity, Flash CS5, MonoTouch etc.

Some curse Apple for not supporting technologies that would allow applications to be built across various platforms.

This is an ongoing battle between Apple and Adobe. Analysts and observers believe Apple’s ban on intermediary translation or layer tools helps Apple maintain an edge over rival smart phone platforms by encouraging developers to write specifically for the iPhone. But it also helps lead to higher-quality apps, according to an e-mail Steve Jobs recently wrote to a developer.

Via SFGate

Author: Sandeep Sarma

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