Google Glass Enterprise Edition features detailed – Will have a larger prism, Intel Atom CPU and optional battery pack


Google Glass Enterprise Edition which is also known internally as EE showed up on an FCC  listing earlier this month. Now we’ve received more information regarding the device, its features and specifications.

As can be seen in the mockup image at the top, the Enterprise Edition (EE) has a much bigger prism as compared to the Explorer Edition (XE). According to the source, the upcoming EE will be powered by an Intel Atom processor that improves performance as well as battery life.

The larger prism will allow the user to just look up directly rather than having to lookup and then right. This will reduce eye strain which was a huge issue in the original XE. We aren’t sure if the screen resolution has been bumped up or not but it is said that the quality of the screen has been improved.

Another issue with the XE was the poor battery life. Apparently the EE will have you sorted in case you do run out of battery as there will be an optional battery pack. We aren’t sure what capacity it will be, how big it is or how it will connect to the EE but it is good to know there is an optional accessory for it.

While these specifications come from quite reliable sources, there are apparently a few different variants of the upcoming Glass EE being tested so there maybe a few changes before Google officially announces it for wider testing later this year.

Author: Sandeep Sarma

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