Twitter will remove the 140 character limit on Direct Messaging next month

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Users of twitter will be familiar with the 140 character limit that is set for tweets. The same rule applies for direct messages as well and that is weird as it doesn’t necessarily have to be that short and most often people resort to multiple DMs to get their message across. That is all set to change as Twitter is planning to remove the character limit sometime next month.

Twitter has released an overview of the new DM (Direct Messaging) API to help developers get ready for longer messages. The character limit will not be removed altogether but changed from 140 to 10,000. But considering that hardly anyone will be using up that many words, it is practically unlimited.

If you do need to send over 10,000 words then it is probably best that you do so over email or some other medium. Twitter has made everything ready and is only required to apply the change next month. This month will give time for developers to make their apps ready for the change. Not much needs to be changed by developers, they just need to add “full_text=true” to their query, so the change should be supported by most 3rd party applications very soon.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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