Check out EE 4G with a free SIM and 200GB FREE data


Want to check out exactly how good EE’s 4G network is or just want bag loads of free data? EE is trying to push it’s Pay As You Go SIM deals and the chaps over at CoolSmartphone have spotted an incredible offer on the EE website. The ‘Dan and Phil’ campaign allows you to get free texts each week and 100GB data free each months for two months.

EE has the largest 4G network in the UK and has been actively promoting both its Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans in a bid to see off growing competition from rival networks O2 and Vodafone. The UK’s largest operator, who is rumoured to be subject to a takeover bid by British Telecom, provides 4G services to over 75% of the UK population and is more advanced than its rival networks.

On their website, EE have posted the following message about the promotion:


Just free access to loads of extras from Dan and Phil, including weekly text messages and a whopping 100GB of free data each month.

It’s a great chance to see what life’s like on the EE network and to try out 4GEE, if you’ve got a 4G phone.

Try our Limited Edition SIM for two months and if you like it, we’ll help you find the pay as you go pack that’s right for you, so you can carry on enjoying EE without a contract.

The plan is clearly designed to entice people onto the network, allow them to use lots and lots of data and then try to move them to the 10GB, 20GB or 50GB EE Pay Monthly plans. Just like Vodafone and their Data Test Drive offer – the first 3 months of your contract have unlimited data – this campaign is a clever ploy but for EE, it will allow them to showcase just how advanced their network is.

As we already know, EE offer standard 4G speeds, double-speed 4G and their new LTE-Advanced network which offers theoretical download speeds of up 300Mbps (although they’re closer to 150Mbps in actual usage). It’s unclear whether the new plan has access to all of these data speeds or just standard speed 4G but if you’re looking for bag loads of data for no charge, look no further than this great plan.

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