Xiaomi reveals: 15,000 Mi 3 units up for sale on August 5

The first two Xiaomi flash sales left quite a few disappointed, after they were unable to purchase the device. Both times, the Mi 3 went out of stock pretty quickly; 39 minutes the first time, and an astounding 5 seconds is what the Xiaomi Mi 3 took to go out of stock during the first and second flash sales respectively.

15k Mi 3

What left Indian buyers confused was the fact that Xiaomi failed to reveal the number of device that went on sale each time. The company has been in the flash sale business for quite some time, and it isn’t often that they don’t unveil the number of devices that were sold.

However, the good thing here is that they’ve revealed the number this time. The next flash sale is set to happen on August 5th, registrations for which have been going on since 29th July. Xiaomi announced via their social feeds that 15,000 units of the device will be made available for the August 5th sale, which is believed to be more than either of the previous sales.

A previous report suggested that 20,000 units of the device have been sold in both sales combined, so 15,000 for one is definitely on the higher side.

Author: Yash Garg

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