OnePlus hand out 5,000 invites for the OnePlus One

China’s Xiaomi might be in the forefront these days, but compatriot OnePlus is making sure there’s still some thunder left for them. After Xiaomi launched their Mi4 smartphone two days back, OnePlus hit back in their own style.


With just one phone in their kitty yet, OnePlus handed out a wholesome 5,000 invites for the OnePlus One. For those who aren’t aware, ‘invites’ are something that you require to be eligible for a One purchase. Might sound strange to those who aren’t in line with the concept, but OnePlus say that invites allow them to cut the middleman and give the benefit to the end user, which, in a way, does make sense.

The device was initially released on April 23rd with very limited availability. However, with time and better production capacity, OnePlus was able to churn out a better number of devices, resulting in wider availability. The smartphone is still only available in the 11 official launch countries, however, scalpers (mainly Chinese) are offering the device to customers worldwide, saving a cut for themselves.

We’re working on a OnePlus One review that should be out soon, so stay tuned!


Author: Yash Garg

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