Walmart Testing iPhone-Based Self-Checkout System

Reuters reports that Walmart is currently testing a new “Scan & Go” service at one Arkansas store. This new “Scan & Go” service allows iPhone users to scan items with their device as they shop and then proceed to a self-checkout station as they are on their way out of the store to complete their purchase. Sounds similar Apple’s EasyPay system that the company uses at its stores.

The test comes months after Walmart said that it would add more self-checkout lanes at its Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. Earlier this week, Walmart held test sessions and participants were compensated with a $100 payment and a $25 Walmart gift card for the one-hour sessions.

The report also points to survey Walmart is using to gather feedback on the new system. If this test does turn out to be a mass deployment among all of Walmart stores, can you imagine the huge potential this has to make the shopping and checkout process more personal?

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Author: Parth Dhebar

Parth Dhebar is a 18 year-old entrepreneur. Parth is a recognized name in the industry, known for covering Apple and technology news. He is an Editor at FoneArena covering news on Apple. You can follow him on Twitter @pdparticle.