What Will be the Fate of 3G services in India?

3g 3G Telecom Services- One of the most hyped and most talked term in the field of mobiles and telecommunications using which a mobile phone user can experience seamless data transfer of upto 2-8 MBPS. If you have a 3G and Video calls supported handset, you can even make video calls to a compatible device without the hassle to think about using Webcam and sitting behind your laptop or computer screens once you have 3G services activated.

Initially 3G services were launched by MTNL followed by BSNL and the launch was welcome by every mobile phone enthusiast in India. But to the dismay of mobile lovers, immediately security concerns were raised about 3G services as the data transfers and voice calls were encoded and security agencies found that those voice calls cannot be decoded on real time basis and the Indian security agencies were serious about it thinking it (ability not to decode voice calls on real time basis) could be really very very serious and harmful keeping Indian security in mind.

Immediately, some security agencies of India asked BSNL and MTNL to temporarily halt such services for general public until some way for decoding voice calls over 3G network can be worked out on real time basis.

But it has been reported that the Telcos (BSNL & MTNL) presently providing 3G services denied for halting 3G services and they would continue providing the services to general public. Also, these telcos asked such security agencies that they should work upon decoding such Voice calls as it is security agencies who are concerned about 3G services.

So the launch of 3G services in other areas seems to be in dilemma until the problem is sorted out, also any one is not yet sure about what would be the fate of 3G Telecom services in India.

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Author: Deepak

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